‘65 Volvo Amazon 4-door, $2,300,500 (firm)

space car

Reliable beauty, lots of personality. Original interior (no seriously!). rebuilt oxygen generator, back seat doubles as cryo-sleep unit for long hauls. Originally in-atmo only, she was converted to trans-galactic flight mid 22nd century. Technically still planet-capable, depending on atmo density. But I wouldn’t recommend re-entry before getting the belly plates checked out (she’s been deep space only for last century point five.) Minor micro-meteorite damage on trunk, manual overdrive sticks sometimes at 3x translight.

Nav system is old school voice activated, only answers to “Beverley”, or “Bev”. Which is weird, because it wasn’t programmed for that. Like I said, lots of personality. Price is firm, but some wiggle to right owner. She wants to fly.