See No Evil: Magical Realist


[September 21, 2005]
PLEASE READ: Important Message From Chief Of Staff’s Office
SUBJ: POTUS “God Goggles”

POTUS did it <i>again</i>. This time in front of the White House Press Pool, just prior to Thursday’s press conference. Fortunately press pool ignored it, as usual. But if POTUS did it IN CAMERA we’d be in a world of hurt. The need is URGENT to retrain POTUS against the goggles. he can <i>talk</i> about talking to God, but he has to stop demonstrating how he does it.

Strategy session at 9:00 am for team effort moving forward.

Andrew Card
White House Chief of Staff

[CC: Karl, Dick, Condi, Scott, Donald, Alberto, Laura, Barney]