Insensitive Chuckle

So to recap: during Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing (for Attorney General) a woman in the gallery laughed. She was arrested and charged and the Department of Justice, now run by new Attorney General Jeff Sessions, put her on trial. For laughing at Jeff Sessions. And they won. Then the judge threw out the verdict, because the jury convicted her based on a bad interpretation of the law argued by the DOJ lawyer (they told the jury that “laughter alone is enough to convict”). So then the DOJ offered her a plea deal, but she refused because it would have meant admitting guilt for something she does not believe is a crime (laughing).

So the Department of JUSTICE, under Jeff Sessions, is taking her to trial. AGAIN.

For laughing.

At Jeff Sessions.

The Attorney General of the United States.

Sometimes we get an Attorney General who doesn’t use their authority to settle petty personal grudges. Other times we get Jeff Sessions.