Life Lessons

street fighter

“Of course it’s not fair. This is a street fight, kid. You’re trying to end the fight as fast as you can, and you’re trying to teach anyone that messes with you a lesson. There’s no cheating here. There’s just laying on the ground spitting out teeth, or walking away laughing. You want to put the guy down, and make it memorable, really fuck their shit- Ah, crap. Sorry about the language kid, I keep forgetting you’re.. how old are you again?”

“I’m twelve.”

“Geez yeah, twelve. Maybe I shouldn’t have showed you that stuff with the brick..”

“It’s fine sir, you have been very instructive. This was really great. My ride is here so I have to go, but I hope I can come back and learn more from you. will you be here next week?”

“Yeah, sure, I’m here most days, kid.” The boy paid the man triple what he asked for, thanked him again and walked to the waiting limousine.

“Did you learn anything valuable, Master Bruce?”

“I did, Alfred,” the boy replied, his eyes narrowing. “I learned there are no rules.”