Hellboy: Highly Collectible

“These were in the trash! Did you throw these away?”

“Yes, I thought the intern left them when he.. wait. Are these yours?

“Of course they’re mine!”

“But.. they’re all Hellboy. Just Hellboy.”

“Not JUST Hellboy, they’re highly collectible. And all different. This one is based on the comic book. This one is 1/6th scale and super realistic. And this one.. damnit. This one WAS a bobble-head. Now there’s no head. I hope you’re happy, this was a limited edition!”

“Fine, I’m sorry! How was I supposed to know? I’ll go through the trash and try to find your bobble-head.. head. Geez. I swear Hellboy, you are by far the strangest partner I’ve ever had.”