Ol’ Bess


Heck of a thing, Ol’ Bess just showed up one day, hovering low by the barn. She was tired, hungry. Didn’t eat solid food like the other sharks, wasn’t built for it. Eugene strapped Gus’ old saddle on her, gingerly climbed on, and led her out across the pasture. She took to the bridle right off, barely needed a tug to move her around.
Some industrial pig farms were just over the road, their waste ponds always covered in skeeters and other bugs. Before long she figured out how to scoop ‘em up right out of the air, and after a few trips she could find the ponds herself, had all she could eat when she needed. Eugene figured that’d be the end of it, she’d be off, no more Bess. But as the months passed she kept on, happy to go on long rides or just float around with the goats. Heck of a thing.